We’re a performance-focused Facebook advertising agency in Perth. We create campaigns that generate leads, acquire customers, boost online sales, increase app downloads and improve your bottom line. 

We write advertising copy, design graphics, and even edit videos that reflect your brand, communicate your message, build trust, handle objections, encourage actions and drive results. 

Since Facebook advertising is constantly evolving, we test and experiment with different ad strategies and creatives on an ongoing basis. Moreover, we optimise campaigns based on performance data and insights. 

We track and measure key metrics for various purposes, including understanding ad performance, optimising campaign performance and reporting. 

We design conversion-optimised landing pages depending on the campaign objectives. We ensure your landing pages work well with analytics tools, email marketing software and other marketing tools. 

We optimise not only Facebook ads campaigns but also landing pages and email marketing campaigns to improve conversions. Our goal is to make sure everything works together. 

As a data-driven Facebook advertising agency, we seek to provide clear and detailed information about the performance and results, including cost-per-click (CPC), Cost-Per-Conversion (CPC), ad spent, ROI, and more, depending on your campaign’s goals.   

The “billboard” approach of creating a single ad and leaving it to run indefinitely is no longer effective in today’s competitive digital landscape. 

A comprehensive and well-planned strategy is required to drive results with Facebook ads. Our strategy is not just focused on creating eye-catching visuals or writing persuasive copy but also on analysing performance data, experimenting with various ad formats and messaging angles, improving conversions on the button-of-funnel (BOFU)  and regularly refining campaigns for maximum results. Our full-funnel strategic marketing approach is what makes Facebook ads work for your business.

We believe every business is unique in many ways, so we provide tailored Facebook advertising services with a focus on attracting and converting customers.  You can fully rely on us to create, manage and optimise your Facebook advertising campaigns so you can focus on delivering your service. 

At AdTuna, we combine technology, data and creativity and ensure they work together to drive results. With our ability to utilise conversion optimisation (CRO) strategies and proven acquisition systems, we reach your ideal customers with Facebook ads and take them through the buyer’s journey effectively. 


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